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Date : 02/21/2020

At present, the demand for high-class water pipes is very noticeable, but because of the more modern life, the higher the demand is for people, so people often choose HDPE pipes instead of normal water pipes. The reason why we choose HDPE pipes.

HDPE pipe has the outstanding advantage of being durable and resistant to all kinds of harsh weather. Therefore, this type of HDPE plastic is composed of substances with a sustainable structure that can withstand well under the harshest conditions.

HDPE pipe with good quality due to the melting process of the pipe creates solidness, abrasion resistance and severe weather, so HPDE pipes are used in many different fields such as: drainage and waste. In addition, it is also used extensively in coal and gas fields.
A machine that fits well with the water pipe will help you to do this process comfortably. The connection between the joints should be tightly connected with each other through the connection, by inserting hot plates between the two ends, then proceed to connect them together.
The HDPE pipes are characterized by high strength, pressure-bearing up to 73.4 degrees F, with a 2: 1 safety ratio so that it is durable, weather resistant. hard.
HDPE pipes are highly resistant to chemicals, corrosion, rot and abrasion.
The strength of HDPE pipe is higher and the advantage is easy to install and transport without physical damage.
Resistant to direct sunlight (UV protection for long time)
The high elasticity of the tube wall prevents the development of cracks.
Smaller fittings for connection due to high elasticity: PE pipes are bended with a radius of approx. 20-25 times of its outer diameter. Good elasticity leads to easy installation. Coil can be made up to 1000m Outside diameter> = 1200mm.
Less affected by fluctuations such as landslides, earthquakes, ...
Availability of various pressure resistance options: HDPE pipes can be manufactured with 12 different pressure grades from 2.5 bar up to 32 bar.
Perfect pipe joints - no cracks - no breaks and no deformation.

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