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President Trump Considered Exemption For Apple
Date : 11/21/2019

The decision was not too surprising by President Trump

"We have to treat Apple on the same basis that we treat Samsung," President Trump said during a tour with Cook of a production facility in Austin, Texas, assembling a high-priced Mac Pro computer. grant. (Samsung Electronics is based in South Korea, where there is a trade agreement with the United States.) This appearance is the couple's first at an Apple assembly line since Trump took office after the campaign. against Apple manufacturing operations abroad.

The campaign has led to hot and cold relationships with Apple and Cook on topics from creating manufacturing jobs in the United States to Apple depending on China to build almost all of its iPhones. Apple broke into a $ 1 billion manufacturing facility in Austin and Cook joined an advisory board of the Trump administration to train the job in February. In 2017, President Trump boasted Cook promised me three big factories - big, big, big.

The trip to Texas, which took place during Trump's impeachment hearing in Washington, emphasized that Apple stepped up its search for U.S. tariff reductions on Chinese imports and Trump's efforts to persuading US companies to add domestic manufacturing jobs. About 20% of Apple's annual revenue comes from China.

Influence from President Trump's decision

Analyst Daniel Wedves said in a study late on Wednesday. He estimated the additional 10% tax would eventually yield a 4% result for EPS. Or about $ 0.5 in 2010 if the final tariff goes into effect.

Exemptions for Apple! This proves that the next essential step in Chinese policy. It is multilateral coordination, Mr. Jonathan Jonathan D.T. Ward, founder of Atlas Organization, a consultant focused on the rise of India and China, and global competition between the United States and China, told MarketWatch. We will need to coordinate action among our allies so that China cannot compete. This is a strategic move for President Trump.

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Asked if a trade deal with China would be reached later this year, Trump said on Wednesday: "China will make a trade deal more than I will ... I don't think they are step to the level I want. ”

Plans for a first-stage limited trade deal with a China, announced by the Trump Administration last month, have progressed slowly.

Late on Wednesday, the Trump administration worked. They started approving their blacklist exemptions. This is against Chinese telecommunications company Huawai Technologies Co. But no mention of the approved companies.

Apple stock, up slightly in trading hours after Wednesday, jumped 67% this year. The S&P 500 SPX is up 24% this year.

Duong Nguyen (according to MarketWatch)

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